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Hopefish on Facebook


hopefish-on-facebook.jpg Now that hopefish has a Facebook page you can visit it to view great images of children's paintings and photos of imaginative face paints.

For the hopefish Picture Gallery of Children's Art click on the images of children's paintings



For the hopefish Face Painting Gallery click on the photos of face paints or if you want to buy your own face paints visit the hopefish face paint shop




New stock of Giotto range


We've just stocked more crayons and modelling clay from the lovely Giotto range.

All with the quality and colours you would expect from Giotto.

giotto-glitter-glue-sticks.jpg   giotto-modelling-clay.jpg  giotto-pastry-cutters2.jpg  giotto-wax-pastel-crayons1.jpg

Or visit 'Your Art Cupboard' for more ideas

A History of the Crown Jewels


The coronation of a new British sovereign takes place in Westminster Abbey, where every King and Queen of England (with the exception of Edward V and Edward VIII) has been crowned since King Harold II in 1066. The current coronation regalia date from the Restoration, when they were made for the coronation of Charles II.

The original Crown Jewels were destroyed by Oliver Cromwell following the execution of Charles in 1649. At this time, Cromwell had the entire collection sold or melted down and made into coin: including Alfred the Great’s State Crown, the eleventh century crown of Queen Edith, wife of Edward the Confessor, the State Crown of Henry VII, various sceptres, swords, coronets and rings.

 image of St. Edward's crown

St. Edward's Crown

A Brief History of Rose Windows

image of a stained glass rose window

It could be argued that the major glories of many Medieval churches are the rose windows with their rich display of colour and light. They are worth seeking out. Many art historians would claim that the finest examples are French but there are many beautiful examples in Italy, not to mention most of the rest of Europe. There is something so striking about these ancient windows, reflecting the skills of past craftsmen and the subsequent generations who have worshipped God under their lights. The stone mullions, best viewed from the church exterior, are equally as lovely: with exquisite examples being found in Italy, Portugal and Spain.

As to why these windows don’t look so much like roses: the term 'rose window' appears to have taken root centuries after the first decorative circular windows appeared in the thirteenth century, when the techniques for such achievements became available. In fact the name may derive from the French word 'roue' for wheel, since 'spokes' comprise the outer framework for the glass creations.


Introductory Bible Studies on Jesus' Parables


What Jesus Really Said

Five Downloadable Bible Studies on Jesus' Parablesfaith-matters-leaders-help1.jpg
These introductory Bible Studies are free to be downloaded. They are designed for use by a group of people who are not only new to the Bible, but also to one another and discussing their thoughts and concerns about spiritual matters. They were originally intended for a group of ladies but could be used in many settings: with teenagers, students, for ‘one to one’ or even alone. They were written to be a gentle introduction where people can discover the group and how to look together at the claims of the Bible. The depth of study increases as the weeks progress and friendships grow. There is a short leaders guide available for download which also lists the content and purpose of the five studies, as detailed below - see 'Read More'.

The Bible Studies can be made available in Microsoft Publisher format if you wish to rework them for your purposes: such as amending the questions or the stories on the reverse. Just email your needs to us through the ‘Contact us’ page of the Hopefish website or to This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

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