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Introductory Bible Studies on Jesus' Parables


What Jesus Really Said

Five Downloadable Bible Studies on Jesus' Parablesfaith-matters-leaders-help1.jpg
These introductory Bible Studies are free to be downloaded. They are designed for use by a group of people who are not only new to the Bible, but also to one another and discussing their thoughts and concerns about spiritual matters. They were originally intended for a group of ladies but could be used in many settings: with teenagers, students, for ‘one to one’ or even alone. They were written to be a gentle introduction where people can discover the group and how to look together at the claims of the Bible. The depth of study increases as the weeks progress and friendships grow. There is a short leaders guide available for download which also lists the content and purpose of the five studies, as detailed below - see 'Read More'.

The Bible Studies can be made available in Microsoft Publisher format if you wish to rework them for your purposes: such as amending the questions or the stories on the reverse. Just email your needs to us through the ‘Contact us’ page of the Hopefish website or to This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

 Faith Matters 1

What Jesus really said - To the Pharisees

Luke 15:1-32 

Free Downloadable Bible Study on the Parables of the Lost Sheep, the Lost Coin and the Prodigal Son.
This study provides an introductory glimpse at what Jesus said about how much God seeks out His people and wants them to return to Him.It includes an activity ‘What are my images of God?’ to help the group to focus. Each person could have a piece of paper and pencil and be given time to consider their personal view of God; which could be followed by an open discussion where people contribute their thoughts, if they feel they wish to. 
The discussion can be followed with the Bible study: read Luke 15:1-32 and discuss together the questions given on the front page or questions of your choosing. There is a summing up section to finish.
The reverse page presents a modern day retelling of the Parable of the Prodigal Son, by Philip Yancy.

 Faith Matters 2

What Jesus really said - When asked probing questions? Matthew 18:21-35 and Luke 10:25-37

Free Downloadable Study on the Parables of the Good Samaritan and the Unforgiving Servant
This study provides two illustrations describing how Jesus expects his followers to live: loving others as He loves us and forgiving others as we, in Christ, have been forgiven. The Lord’s Prayer is reproduced for discussion as an ice breaker and could be introduced with a question such as, ‘what speaks most to you?’ or ‘what does this prayer mean to you?’
The summing up touches on what is meant by God’s grace and the reverse page presents a story, again by Philip Yancy, on the nature of full forgiveness.

 Faith Matters 3

What Jesus really said - To the crowds following him?Matthew 7:7-29 and Luke 8:4-8

Free Downloadable Bible Study on several Parables that describe how to seek and find God. It includes the Parable of the Sower alongside Jesus’ descriptions (parables) of the Two Ways: paths, trees, responses and builders.
Jesus first describes how we can approach the Father: ask, seek, knock; how we should live (The Golden Rule plus); the choice to be made and how we should not be deflected.
The group could consider how seeking God fits with how He seeks us as discovered earlier in Faith Matters 1 and as described in Revelation 3:20.
The reverse page presents a Victorian fairytale parable to illustrate Revelation 3:20.


 Faith Matters 4

What Jesus really said - To those who hated Him? Matthew 21:33-46 and Matthew 21:28-32 

Free Downloadable Bible Study on the Parables of the Vineyard and The Two Sons.
This study, on two very challenging parables, steps up a bit on the previous weeks. It introduces Christ’s purpose as being preordained and predicted. The parable of the vineyard workers was to become a clear indictment of the religious leaders of the day. The other expands on the teaching from Faith Matters 3 of the two ways. They together point to the question: do you want ‘religion’, paying lip service to God, or are you willing to submit to Him?
The reverse page displays the story (testimony) of how Rich Ganz came to faith through reading Old Testament scriptures.
You might choose to accompany this session with a handout (to take home) of prophesies from the Old Testament that were fulfilled in Christ. (These are widely available on the internet or in the extra pages of Study Bibles such as The Life Application Study Bible)

 Faith Matters 5

What Jesus really said - to His closest friends? Luke 18:1-8 and the Kingdom of God

Free Downloadable Bible Study on the Parable of the Widow and the Judge and a series of parables describing the Kingdom of God.
This study reminds us that we are encouraged to be persistent in approaching God (reinforcing Faith Matters 1). If an unrighteous judge delivers a fair verdict, how much more will a righteous, loving, Father God deliver answers to prayer? The study continues with pictures of the Kingdom of Heaven. (It could make the study easier if a handout is prepared in advance with the relevant Bible references or the page numbers of the references are noted).
The reverse page gives a snapshot of William Wilberforce’s spiritual growth through his contact with John Newton. (The former was the politician who battled to abolish slavery in the UK and British Commonwealth and the latter was a slave trader who, on becoming a Christian, wrote ‘Amazing Grace’ and other hymns.)




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