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How To

Teaching The Lord’s Prayer to Children


teach children the lords prayerIn the church we are keen that our children should know the Lord’s Prayer and be helped to understand it. Why? Because Jesus tells us that this is how to pray. It is found in both Luke’s and Mark’s gospels (Luke 11:1-4; Matthew 6:9-15).  In Luke we discover that the disciples had been with Jesus for some time and had seen him get up before dawn to spend time alone in prayer; so it was natural for them to ask, 'Lord, teach us to pray.' As a result of that request we have what we call 'The Lord's Prayer'.

Many children may not be familiar with the Lord’s Prayer from school. They will soon learn it if it is regularly said in church or Sunday School but it will be of more use to them if they are helped to understand it. Below is a guide to help explain it to children. The children may enjoy writing it out and decorating or framing it. Alternatively, a prayer wheel could be used to help to memorise it.


How To Run A T Shirt Painting Party or Event


T Shirt painting parties can be great fun for children of all ages. It is an opportunity to have a party with a difference where they are all encouraged and enabled to be creative. And it ends with a gift to take home that will remind them of the day and and that they can be proud of. The range of materials they can use is vast and the themes unlimited. See below for ideas and practical advice.


You will need:

T shirtsgood-tshirts-for-painting
  • Appropriately sized T shirts for each child – older girls may prefer more fitted T shirts
  • Coloured T shirts may add interest or a more contemporary feel to the event
  • If using a strong colour (eg black) be sure your fabric paints are adequate for the task
  • For best adhesion of fabric paints (all brands) the manufacturers advise that you prewash your T shirts in the absence of any fabric conditioner
  • Remember that many T shirts shrink on first washing

Run a Children’s Party as a Halloween Alternative


Often called Light Parties or Fall Festivals, these have been instigated to give children an opportunity to have fun without the scary bits of Halloween. Many concerned parents and some church groups have devised ways to help the children to celebrate this time of year without being encouraged to dress up in grotesque costumes and demanding sweets with menaces. Probably fuelled by the opportunism of the supermarkets, 30th October seems to have progressed from an occasion when children were as likely to dress up as Buzz Lightyear or a princess to one where it seems that the scarier it is, the better1.


How to Construct a Collage with Children




Creating a collage or mural together is a a great unifying activity to do with your children's class, club or group. It encourages the children to interact and co-operate and creates something unique that can be displayed and they can be proud of.

Click on the Read More link to find out about putting together a collage or mural with a group of children.



Construct a 3D Hand Print Christmas Tree

You may like to link this craft to a theme you are teaching: about useful hands, helping others, etc.
You will need the following:

1 or 2 sheets of A1 backing card (225-300gsm) in the colour of your choice
1 or 2 sheets of A1 150gsm paper in green for the tree
10-20 A4 pieces of green paper for the hand prints
pencils, glue sticks and child-safe scissors for each child
Sellotape and glue dots
glitter (a must!): ideally dispensed into small pots and only handled over small trays
christmas tree ornaments cut from decorative card or paper
red ribbon or other embellishments
newspaper as packing material (optional)  



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