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Construct a 3D Hand Print Christmas Tree

You may like to link this craft to a theme you are teaching: about useful hands, helping others, etc.
You will need the following:

1 or 2 sheets of A1 backing card (225-300gsm) in the colour of your choice
1 or 2 sheets of A1 150gsm paper in green for the tree
10-20 A4 pieces of green paper for the hand prints
pencils, glue sticks and child-safe scissors for each child
Sellotape and glue dots
glitter (a must!): ideally dispensed into small pots and only handled over small trays
christmas tree ornaments cut from decorative card or paper
red ribbon or other embellishments
newspaper as packing material (optional)  

1. Before starting it helps to assemble the background and tree for the children to see what they are doing.
  • If using a background that is twice A1 in size stick the two pieces of card together horizontally.
  • Work out how big your tree is to be (for a backing size of twice A1 you will need to join together two pieces of A1 green paper).
  • Draw on a triangular tree shape and cut it out: For a more 3D effect cut out a tree two inches larger than you need all round and fold the extra 2" under - you will pack it out later.
2. Now to get the children involved.
  • Give each child an A4  piece of green paper and encourage them to draw around their hands using a pencil: they should be able to get 2-4 hand shapes on each sheet.
  • They can each cut round their handprints and then decorate the fingers with glitter using the glue sticks and trays.
  • You may want the children to write something linked to your lesson or theme on the ornaments
3. And for the final assembly
  • Attach the hands to the green triangular tree: put glue on the palms only so that the fingers can curl out
    Be sure to angle the fingers downwards and to work from the base upwards
    When done attach your decorations and embellishments
    Lastly attach the tree to the backing card using the glue dots and if the tree is to be 3 dimensional pack it out from behind, using newspaper or the scraps from the handprints
4. To construct a 3D star to top your tree, go to the hopefish How To make a 3D star with free download template
5. Why not photograph the end result for a christmas card or for the children to have a memento of the event?

NB At all times, beware of choking hazards with young children: especially beads and small decorations.

(c)hopefish 2010

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