Construct 3D Christmas Stars

You may like to combine this craft with decorating a Christmas tree with children

You will need the following:

sheet(s) of silver or gold card : size depends on the size you want your star(s)
backing card or sufficient card for a second star
glue stick(s)
paper scorer(s)

1. Print out a copy of the attached image to use as a template

You may choose to enlarge it or shrink it, depending on your needs

2. Position the template on your card, possibly holding it in place with sticky tape, and cut around the outline


3. Score the remaining lines through the template using a paper scoring knife or non-sharp point

This should make bending the card easier
NB You will form better folds if you use a ruler to make the scores straight 

4. Create your folds, alternating upwards and downwards, and folding the outer flaps under

5. Glue the flaps to card so that your star is raised (3D) or glue two stars together to create a double sided star