Make Your Own Diamond Jubilee Crown Kits - for one, six or thirty crowns

Make the most authentic Jubilee Crowns on the block!

Practise the art of celebration and be a part of this historic event whilst your children have a chance to join in with the excitement.

 diamond-jubilee-crown.jpg  make-princess-crown.jpg

If you are looking for the best crown shape to make your coronation crown as much like the original as possible then you have found it!  With one of these Diamond Jubilee Crown Kits you can recreate the Queen’s original coronation crown, the St Edward’s crown, complete with fleurs de lys, orb and cross motifs.

Great for children’s and community events: school fairs, Diamond Jubilee fetes and street parties. Kits are available with gold or silver crowns and come with full instructions as well as a history and description of the Crown Jewels. Included are all the materials you need to decorate them with priceless jewels, ermine and velvet, or rather: a choice of acrylic gems, sequins, cotton wool and tissue paper!


Designed to be adjustable to fit all children’s head sizes or adults up to 56cm.*  

To find out more about the St Edward's crown follow the link to our A History of the Crown Jewels page.

Simpler crowns and tiaras for big events 

If you want a quick assembly time then you might choose the basic crown kits below or, for girls who want to be girls, why not get them decorating their own princess tiaras?

 best-jubilee-crown.jpg  diamond-jubilee-tiara.jpg

*Although there is the possibility to extend them to 60cm by inserting the fourth fleur de lys upright into the band at the back.