Autumn Craft Activities for Children

We're now in the throes of devising new, and dusting off old, crafts for this Autumn: Harvest crafts for Messy Church, Light Parties and Halloween Crafts for 30th October.


pom pom spiders with glow in the dark legs and soft, fluffy pumpkins:

kits for 6 to 30 children





I would like to go back to making pom poms with the children. It's always fun to do the traditional crafts because they also teach a skill. The trick with this one is to have enough competent adults with the confidence to cut the wool on the pom pom makers - always a little nerve-wracking. Adding wiggle eyes, pipe cleaner legs and decorative felt pieces is the imaginative bit I enjoy most because children always see things differently. Great all round and cost effective, using up old wool bits.

For a list of possible energetic or edible activities visit the hopefish link on running an alternative party for Halloween.